Herbal Medicine

Massage, as a complementary and alternative medicine that is used to treat various types of ailments, injuries, and body pains, has been part and parcel of the way of life of the African people.

Over the years, these massage styles and techniques, including their health benefits, have struggled to expand globally due to many factors, which include a lack of written literature, massage and fitness training institutions, scientific research,

validation and documentation, and the assumed negative image (disease, poverty, wars, etc.) attached by the outside world to Africa. Thus, these practices are entirely anecdotal.

That being said, the African approach is essentially attractive, with great health benefits and a perfect way to release body tension and relax naturally


Before booking a massage, the following questions should be asked and given appropriate answers by the client to help us decide on the type of massage therapy needed.

First, is the massage needed for relaxation and stress control, or is it needed for symptom relief to help with certain health conditions or injuries?

Answers to these questions and many more will assist the massage therapist in deciding on the technique and style of massage therapy needed by the client.

Also, depending on the client’s age, health condition, or any special need, we will customize the massage therapy to suit your purpose and condition.


You may prefer to completely disrobe or remain partially clothed during massage sessions. The therapist will only uncover the areas that need concentration.

Alternatively, the client may prefer to undress his or her test. Disposable underwear may be offered to avoid oil stains, which the client may choose to accept or decline based on personal choice.


Regular massage sessions provide the following health benefits:.
1. Stress reduction
2. Boosting of immune system function
3. Improves digestion
4. Reduces anxiety and depression
5. enhances mental alertness, cognition, and learning in children.
6. Reduces nerve pain syndrome
7. Increases blood and lymph circulation
8. Reduces premenstrual syndrome
9. Improves sexual habit and promotes better pregnancy and ease during delivery
10. Improves milk production and makes breast feeding easier.
11. Reduces muscular pains and spasms
12. Although it is a complimentary medical solution, cellulite massage helps disperse fat cells and spread them evenly beneath the skin.
13. It improves sleep and relaxation.
14. It relieves headache
15. Stimulates motor development in children as they grow